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  Tentang Kami  

PT. BUMI BAN MANDIRI  (BBM) was established in Jakarta in mid-2007 to participate in serving and meeting the need for a tire that expanded rapidly in recent years.


PT. BBM as a company in the country to see a reality that is growing very fast development today must be supported with adequate transportation facilities and reliable. Tire is one of the most important component in the transport for all activities in the construction can be run effectively and smoothly.

PT. BBM provides a variety of tire brands and sizes will be required to provide consumer needs. Various types of tires that we provide them is Light Truck, Truck and Bus, Agricultural, Golf, Industrial, OTR, and Solid Tire.

PT. BBM  will put quality tires and good service and fast. That's why we distribute tires are high quality tires that have been recognized reliability and strength and many in use by both domestic and foreign consumers.

Great hope that the presence and contributions made by PT. BBM can participate to the nation and help build this country.